Overall Time table

February 2016

Pre-info to ebt teams via ebt web site

March 2016

Calling for participants

April 4th

Deadline for team registrations


2nd info to the teams

May 2016

Match schedule

May 16-18th

EBT Pre-Tournament

May 18th

Arrival participants of BH Education Courses

May 18-22th 

Education courses (referees, delegates, coaches)

May 19st

Teams arrival

May 19st

Training day

May 19st

Technical Meetig in the EHF Hotel Royal Thessaloniki 19:30 - 20:00 (Obligatory)

May 20st

1st day of matches

May 21st

2nd day of matches

May 22st

EBT Masters Finals

May 22st

Awards ceremony and Special awards 

May 23st  Departures